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River Raised:

Appalachian Stories of My Life on the Rockcastle River

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Betsy Carloftis

About Betsy Carloftis

Betsy Margaret Carloftis and her brothers and sisters are the 13th grandchildren of Pocahontas, princess daughter of Chief Powhatan. They were raised on the steep banks of the Rockcastle River near Livingston, Kentucky, at the foothills of Southeastern Appalachia. Their parents, Carlos and Lucille Bowling Carloftis created “Fort Sequoyah” and  Rockcastle River Trading Co. which began a 67+ year journey hosting travelers on U.S. 25, which became a legend filled with beautiful memories for their family and wonderful customers throughout the years. Their lives were so intertwined with the romantic, flowing waters, that one must wonder if, perhaps, they were raised by the river itself.

Betsy Carloftis
Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker.

Life On The Rockcastle River

A Photo Gallery

Growing up in the foothills of Southeastern Kentucky, adjacent to the Rockcastle River, left Betsy with lots of exciting stories about her life. Her parents created “Fort Sequoyah” and  Rockcastle River Trading Co. in Livingston, Kentucky which allowed Betsy to meet lots of unique people and live unique experiences throughout her life on the river.

Here is a collection of photos that pertain to some of the stories she shares in her new audio release.

The Carloftis Family

Betsy and her siblings  (Carcille Carloftis Burchette, Buzz Carloftis, Dusty Carloftis, and Jon Carloftis) continue to operate the family business at Rockcastle River Trading Co. located on the original premises of Fort Sequoyah Indian Village, along the Rockcastle River.

Carcille Carloftis Burchette is a retired educator, Corbin Independent School Board Member, and President of The Garden Club of Kentucky, Inc.

Buzz Carloftis is a retired Rockcastle County Judge Executive, the longest serving in Rockcastle County’s history.

Koula Carloftis Shivel was the most fabulous cook and homemaker. She held a degree in education and cosmetology.

Dusty Carloftis is a retired teacher and retired football coach at Laurel County High School.

Jon Carloftis is an award-winning landscape designer, lecturer and author.

What Customers Are Saying

Hear what people are saying about “River Raised: Appalachian Stories of My Life on the Rockcastle River.”

Betsy comes from such a unique time and place in our American history. Her stories are mesmerizing and intriguing. I could listen to this all day!

Michael Sliter

Hearing Betsy’s stories about growing up on the Rockcastle River brought back so many memories of my own childhood in Kentucky. I’m buying her CD as Christmas gifts!

Sarah McDowell

Betsy has such a unique life story. I’ve really enjoyed listening to her audio release. I remember visiting Fort Sequoyah when I was younger. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.

James Robinson

Such a treasure! After listening to Betsy’s audio release, I feel like I’ve known her my whole life. Such an interesting story and childhood stories. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Johnson

River Song

A Poem By Christopher Ray Knox

There is a kingfisher
who flies
along the line
of the river
Weaving her story
as she goes and
the beats of
her wings are
the river’s song
Living for life
and nothing more

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Betsy Carloftis
Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker.